The Warmth Of My Redemption And Glory

Neil Vermillion —  April 1, 2016 —  Comments

For in all things I will take what I have given you and will expand and increase it. I will take the small seeds planted and hidden deep within you, and I will cause them to germinate and activate. I will reveal my mysteries to you and you will be so surprised. For the beauty and majesty and wisdom of my ways are so far beyond you. My excellence and my artistry and my timing are beyond your comprehension.

So trust, and know, and see, and feel all I have spoken to you. Take what I have shown you already and revisit it again. For I have made myself clear to you. Though it has taken a very long time to grow, the purpose placed within you has never changed. The desires placed within you never died. They have never swayed or changed, but have remained constant day after day, season after season, decade after decade, even though you were unaware and did not understand.

So lay before me and behold me. Gaze upon my goodness and allow yourself to be renewed. Enter in to my rest and abide together with me. For you have carried the weight on your own shoulders for too long. You have carried too much weight, too frequently. Lay before me and enjoy my presence as we fellowship together. Recline and relax in the warmth of my redemption and glory.

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