Wave After Wave Of My Glory

Neil Vermillion —  September 7, 2015 —  Comments

Though there is shaking and tremors, and all the roots and foundations you’ve built your security upon are beginning to crumble, understand I am making my way. I am making my way in this time and through this season. And though it seems as all the systems, institutions, and securities of this world are collapsing and crumbling, understand I am solidifying. For what circumstances would tell you as uncertain I am revealing as most certain.

For it is with precision, with clarity, with focus I am moving forward and improving and refining that which I’ve already started in you. I am revealing more and more truth in these days. And with this truth will come confrontation and clashing as untruth becomes exposed as it is brought to the light. And though the untruth is familiar, and even comfortable, it will not remain when brought to the light.

And so as you see all these things being shaken, and all this untruth being exposed, understand it is a time to rejoice and celebrate – not at the shakings, but at what the shakings will bring forth. For these shakings will bring forth the next phase of awakening My Beloved from her slumber, and cause her heart, mind, will, emotions, and spirit to activate for the season at hand. And in this place of activation, in this place of activity, she will shine forth as the glorious bride, for this is who she is.

So as you see everything beginning to break loose, understand the hour and day and season in which you are living. For with this understanding you will have the right perspective, the right mindset to be able to align yourself with all that is happening, and all I am doing. You will be able to cooperate instead of resist. You will be able to capitalize on this time, rather than be capsized by it.

It is with great eagerness and anticipation I am shaking. It is with joy and excitement these events are happening. So awaken yourself even today, and prepare your hearts for what is yet to come. For it will be wave, after wave, after wave of my glory for those who have taken the time to prepare and make themselves ready, moving forward in faith, activating themselves for the season at hand.

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