What Has Already Been Given You

Neil Vermillion —  July 13, 2016 —  Comments

I am working to open your heart and mind to greater understanding of what I have given you already. You seek so desperately for what you already possess. You search for answers already given you. You search for solutions to problems already solved, as you seek to find that which you already possess. So stop your busyness of the day and allow me to speak to you. Allow me to impress upon you the perspective you will need in order to observe and appreciate what you have already been given.

You presume you do not yet possess your solution. You presume you have not yet found it. You presume you must work to create, achieve, and attain it, as if it were buried treasure. But allow me to guide your perspective in all things, even in your consideration of what you already possess and understand. For in doing so you will be open to receive all I have for you, in the moment I have made it ready and available to you.

As you continue to move past obstacles and roadblocks from yesterday, you will plant your feet on the solid foundation of today, with bright optimism how tomorrow will unfold for you. For I will equip you with all you are lacking. I will bring you to the location, but I will also initiate the process that will allow you to acquire what you do not yet have. For it is my good pleasure to meet you where you are and supply you according to all your needs.

So understand the desire of my heart is to bless you and bring you to the place, not only of comprehension and understanding, but of experience and marvel too. So as you see your path in life continue to change and evolve do not fret or worry, for these things have not yet stopped, nor even delayed, what I have in store for you and what has already been made available for you.

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