What I Am Working In You Is Elusive

Neil Vermillion —  June 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

You have started with me already, and you have followed me already. You know me from a distance, even though I am as close as your heartbeat. Still I am with you, and you barely know me in certain aspects. Listen to my voice for I am calling you night at day. My heart sings the song of endearment and attraction, for I love you dearly, and I am calling you to remain by my side. Listen to my voice, for what I have for you is lovely, and will give you so much delight. I will walk with you always, and will remain near you always, just as I always have.

Don’t feel alone, as though I have given up on you. Don’t feel the weight of the pressures of the day, as if they are too heavy for you. Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and responsibilities set before you, even though they are legitimate, and good, and righteous. Do not allow these things to discourage you, or distract you. Do not let your heart grow weary, but trust in me. Do not look to your present day situation and presume it will always be this way. Do not look to your past, and feel as though you have made very little progress.

For what I am working in you right now is elusive to you. What I have worked in you in the past, has also been elusive to you. What I have in store for you in days yet to come, is also elusive and mysterious. So be kind in your self assessment, and your progress, and your current lot in life, for there are many angles, many factors, many notions and facets to consider. There are many things that have been set before you and you have done well with them, even though the natural perception will not recognize nor appreciate them all.

There are many victories you have experienced, that are great in my sight, yet seem small, trivial, and insignificant in yours. Let me, once again, remind you, my way are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. You perspective is not my perspective. So trust in me, and trust in my process even though it is difficult and unpleasant and confusing to you at times. Even though you want it to be very different, do not be discouraged when it is not.

Do not be dismayed by the obstacles you encounter in your path, but walk with me, and remain in the knowledge and appreciation of our union together. Remember who I am. Remember my love for you. Remember the words I have shared with you, and have spoken to you in your times of great need. Remember my plans for you, and the great detail and expense I have overcome in order to reveal them to you.

Delight yourself in all these things, and in me. For in me you will find no lack. In me you will not be disappointed in any way. In me, you will find the fulfillment of all your dreams, all your desires, and all you could ever hope for, or wish for, or imagine.

Even though you know me vaguely, I know you intimately. Even though you are uncertain about me, I completely certain about you, and remain resolute in my devotion to you. Though you have doubts and grow tired along the way, I never grow tired, and I have never have changed my mind about you. Though you are presented with all that seems wrong and unjust in this moment, know I am the Great Redeemer and will open up the windows that are needed at the right time, according to my plans and my timelines.

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