What I Have For You Is Different

Neil Vermillion —  May 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you sometimes feel you are at the edge of your limits, as though you have no strength to continue. I know you feel overwhelmed with the difficulty and quantity of tasks and responsibilities set before you even this day. But as I have in the past, allow me to comfort you as I guide you, so you will be empowered to continue and to advance, and to do so with joy, excitement, peace, and hope.

For it is my desire that you not only continue, but that you grow and thrive and enjoy the process as you do. It is my goal that you not only accomplish and enjoy the satisfaction of the labor of your heart’s desire, but also that the process itself is a blessing and reward for you too.

So with this in mind, do not subscribe to conventional thinking in order to manifest the reality I have given you. For conventional means will only bring conventional results, but what I have for you is far beyond conventional means. What I have for you will be extravagant, unexplainable, even offensive in its uniqueness and beauty. What I have for you will be entirely different than following the mold set forth for others. What I have for you will not look like the traditions created for others, for you are different, unique in your own value, voice, and contribution.

So do not continue to follow the insanity of models handed down to you from generations past. Do not continue to imitate what has not proven fruitful for your predecessors, even though they themselves prescribe it to you, because they do not know any better, and cannot think past the limits of the dogma that has been stamped into their minds. Let me assure you what I have for you is different. What I have for you is unique. What I have for you will not be the same as all the others, for I am limitless in not only my ideas, but also in my development and manifestation of my intentions, expressions, and sentiments of my heart for you too.

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