What I Have For You More Slowly

Neil Vermillion —  July 17, 2017 —  Comments

As I whisper in your ear in a ever-so-soft voice you will experience me in a very different manner than you have in the past. For there is a very soft, very subtle quality you will encounter as you sit with me in the space between your breaths. And in these spaces you will encounter my gentleness and my timelessness. You will see my hand at work in your life in even smaller expressions than you have perceived in the past. And with this increased awareness of my involvement, especially in areas you previously presumed I was uninvolved and unaware, your anticipation will also be increased.

You will know I am with you, but you will see how I am also involved and working in you and with you. And as you see and appreciate the activity of my spirit in your life, you will increase in anticipation of what is yet to come. For as you perceive my subtle involvement, you will also understand the inference of what else is yet to come, what else is already in the works, and what else these smaller implications have to offer.

You will grasp the small straws previously overlooked and left on the ground, and will assemble their significance and relevance in your mind as I bring you revelation and understanding. And as you do, you will surmise what is yet to come, as I continue to fill in the missing pieces along the way. And this will empower you, encourage you, and activate you. It will inspire you to dream and to hope, so much so, you will grow in eager anticipation with each passing day, and each passing revelation.

And though you have an eye for detail already, and already are sensitive to the move of my spirit, understand what I have for you is not only softer, gentler, and more subtle, but is also slower and more transparent too. So with this distinction within the subtleties you will begin to see what you have not seen before, and will begin to receive what you did not receive in the past. You will understand more fully what you absorb, and will process it not only more slowly, but more thoroughly, with greater precision and clarity.

So even though you want to walk quickly, overcome instantly, and advance more rapidly, take a moment to pause and listen to what I am saying and receive what I am revealing in this moment. For what I have for you for today is more than sufficient, and more than marvelous. What I have for you slowly will be more than amazing in your eyes, and more than revolutionary in the adjustment of not only your initial perception, but especially your daily application and implementation too.

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