What I Have Given You Already

Neil Vermillion —  October 13, 2016 —  Comments

As you listen to my still, soft voice you will encounter my spirit in new and different ways. For there are many directions you could take, many paths you could travel, but I will reveal myself to you and you will come to know me as I am. I will speak to you and you will hear. I will guide you and you will know. I will give you understanding and you will absorb and retain what I show you.

For I am continuing to show myself to you. I am finishing the good work I have already started within you, and will see it through until it has been completed. For my faithfulness is great. My love for you is great. My desire to see you flourish is great. And I will speak to you time and time again, in loving patience, and you will hear my voice and know that I love you. And as you reside in this state of knowing you are loved you will see what I have for you.

I will show you what is yet to come. I will show you who you are, and what this means for you. I will show you what to adopt and embrace, and what you should remove and discard. I will make your path clear, as I illuminate the issues of your heart and show you the righteousness I have for you. For my ways are mysterious to you, but they are good. My ways will not always make sense to you, but they will yield the intended and needed result. My ways will seem trite and ineffective, but they will accomplish what I have set them to accomplish.

For I know the end from the beginning and I understand and appreciate the full scope of what is required. I know the full spectrum of all that is involved, even to the littlest of details. I have processes and events all synchronized together to bring about the unity and desired results according to my plans. And yes, my plans also include timelines that have been scheduled already. And yes, my plans include those you do not know, and the things you have not thought about nor even considered. And yes, I have remembered my promises to you, having never forgotten them in the first place.

For I am continually extending my hand of fellowship to you so that you many know my heart for you more fully. I am awakening your heart, and opening your eyes, so you can know me personally, no longer settling for mere concepts learned from a distance, by rumor or hearsay. For my desire is to bring you to a full awareness and appreciation so that you may enjoy the truth already given you. And in this truth you will abide, and enjoy the full liberty also given you already.

And you will know me as I am, just the way you have always wanted. And you will see me as I am, for we have been united together, having no obstacle able to divide or separate us. So let go of your petty concerns and worries. Let go of the troubles that weigh you down and receive the inspiration from my breath. For I have breathed upon you and given you new life, so there is no longer any need to continue in your former way of living. Accept and embrace what I have given, as you continue to walk with me hand in hand, day after day, in the reality and truth of who I am, and what I’ve given you already.

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