What Is Before You Is Beyond Exaggeration

Neil Vermillion —  August 30, 2017 —  Comments

I have commissioned you and inspired you to move in a new direction, a direction unlike your forefathers, though what they have done is good and right. I have decided to set you in a different direction, with a different expression of the will of my spirit, and have done so extravagantly with my confirmation. So put to rest the doubts you have from time to time, and walk in the assurance you have received from me, knowing you have received and understood my will for your life (1).

You have done the right things, made the right choices, and I will not only remain with you, but will honor you too. You did not choose this for yourself, but you choose it because I gave it to you. You did not choose me, but I have chosen you. And in your awareness to my invitation you accepted it. You accepted what I said to you, what I have given to you, what I have set before you, including the mystery and vageuness that occasionally brings irritation and confusion along the way. But in spite of this you said yes, and to this day you have remained committed. Know I have seen your choices, and have seen your commitment within your heart, but also know I will honor and reward you for it too (2).

Do not let your heart grow weary in your well doing, but continue to remain faithful in all I have put before you and all I have assigned to you this day. For as you remain faithful, even in the little things, you will be given more. And in finding more, you will also enjoy more, for you will taste and experience my goodness in new and unfathomable ways (3).

Why do I say unfathomable? Because you have a concept of goodness, but it is sorely inadequate. You have an idea, but the idea is so small and incomplete in comparison to the reality, experience, and full expression of my goodness. Consider this as I speak to you. Many times you downplay and disregard the full meaning of what I express to you. You doubt and disregard things, not because you are evil or rebellious, but because you do not know, and in your ignorance you tolerate doubt (4).

But let me assure you, as you continue to walk with me, and continue to know me more and more, you will uncover every area of doubt in your life, and will overcome them all. Some of these doubts will be overcome one by one, gradually over time. But other doubts will be overcome in bundles, through experiences and revelation that will cause you to be changed radically and dramatically, and done so quickly, all at once (5).

Know I am confident in you. I am happy with you, and happy for you. For what is before you is wonderful, great, grand, and glorious. What is before you is so awe-inspiring and incredibly mesmerizing it is beyond exaggeration. Even though you do not see it or understand it, nevertheless it is still true. So do not consider what your eyes can see, your hands can touch, or your mind can understand, for these things are good, but there is more. There is so much more beyond what is seen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal (6).

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