What Is In Store For You Tomorrow

Neil Vermillion —  January 30, 2017 —  Comments

You started in a small place, but I have not left you there. You started in a small space, but I have nurtured your growth and progress. You started in a small place, but you have outgrown it. So now look at your hands and see what I have given you. For you have been faithful over the years. You walked the walk, and you have endured the process. You learned the lessons you needed to learn, went through the difficult times along with the good, and have come through to the other side. So understand, as you see the new opportunities begin to unfold before you, this is a day of meeting with your preparation of the past.

For there has been much learned, much covered, much acquired in your days past, and you have been well-equipped for this day. Though you are encountering new experiences, new territories, and new relationships, you are ready and able to meet them all. So as you see these doors open before you this day, understand this is the next chapter in our story together. This is the very thing you have been prepared for, though you did not fully understand it at the time you were acquiring your preparation. Though you did not understand, you still remained faithful, you still did your best, so know I am well pleased with you.

Know I am with you even this day, and I have brought you to this very place deliberately. You have arrived here by design, as a result of the plans and purpose I have already mapped out for you. Rest assured you are prepared for all the doors, opportunities, and relationships set before you this day. I have orchestrated all these things from days passed, and brought you in the center of my will this very moment.

Advance forward, knowing I am with you, knowing you are prepared, and knowing this is another season, another layer, another chapter working together to grow you, to prosper you, and to prepare you for what is still yet to come. For today is not final. Today is not the end. Today is another step, in your staircase. Even though challenges are visible on your horizon, know this is exactly where you need to be today, in line for what is in store for you tomorrow.

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