What Is In Store For You

Neil Vermillion —  August 18, 2017 —  Comments

I have loved you since before the beginning. I have fashioned you and created you specifically and deliberately, but also meticulously and uniquely too. I have crafted you of the finest materials, and have raised the expectations of what has been available and required. I have lifted the veil,(1) so there is no obstruction, neither in perception nor in reality, blocking, hampering, nor hindering our relationship together, or the communion of our hearts together in all things.(2)

For you have been set apart for me.(3) You have been called out of darkness, into my light,(4) and have been redeemed to the fullest capacity and expression imaginable.(5) And when I sit with you in this way, I am delighted to share with you even the mundane, boring, and trivial. In all these things we will share together, in the grand and glorious, as well as the mundane and insignificant.(6)

Look to your hands, and allow me to fill them.(7) Look to your future, and allow me to reveal it.(8) Look to what has already transpired and allow me to illuminate it to you, giving you understanding and insight regarding what has already happened, as well as what is still yet to come.(9)

For I will speak to you about time lines in a non-linear manner. I will not always deliver the sequence to you in the manner you would prefer, or presume. I will speak, and will direct, but will not always do so according to your own understanding, liking, or preference.

So with this, know I have also gifted you with more than you will ever need, to be able to tolerate and accept what I have for you. I have gifted you with a predisposition and capacity to not only hear from a distance, but also to accept, embrace, receive, and digest it all too. For I will not run over you, leaving you behind, or abandoned. I will not destroy you, neglect you, nor abandon you for any reason. I have originated and initiated the good work and good plans within you already, and I will show myself faithful to you, seeing all things grow to their full maturity and development.(10)

So walk with me in mystery, and permit yourself to engage with me in expressions beyond your own understanding. For I am speaking, and I am sharing, so receive what I have for you in this hour, in this moment, for all that is in store for you will unfold before your eyes.

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