What Is Seen Is Temporary, But What Is Unseen Is Eternal

Neil Vermillion —  May 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

You will see things from a new perspective as you allow me to place emphasis on circumstances derived from a perspective beyond what is seen in the moment. As you allow me to redirect your attention your perception of where you are presently will begin to shift and you will see the very same place, but from a different angle. And with this new angle you will interpret everything differently. You will place value differently. You will respond and engage differently. As a result, you will also receive differently. (1)

The experience you have is valuable, but subjective. What you have is not worthless, but is tainted by your individual prejudice and personal bias. With this in mind, allow me to guide your thoughts, and redirect your attention to what I have for you, for there is more than one way to approach your present day circumstances. In doing so you will discover what I offer you is greater than you would choose, not only for today, but for the future as well. (2)

I am acutely aware of timelines, even moreso than you know. I am precisely aware how things are growing and developing within your life presently. I am also precisely aware the direction needed for preparation for seasons soon coming. I am precisely aware of all timelines, not only yours, because I am poised in a position of total and complete perspective and comprehension. So trust in my guidance and in what I say to you. As you do you will come to realize I am not regurgitating worthless drivel and nonsense originating from ignorance. Instead you will come to realize what I have for you is clear, helpful, and more than useful to you, now and in your future too. (3)

Dismantle the accusation within your heart that claims I am unaware. Dismantle the accusation that claims I have forgotten you, or that I am moving too slowly. There is no doubt I am moving differently, even more slowly, than you would choose for yourself. There is no doubt my plans for you do not always align with your plans and desires. But let me assure you my plans are better than yours. My perspective is better than yours. My timing is better than yours. Trust in me, and trust in my plans. Trust in my timing and trust in my character, for there is no good thing I will withhold from you. (4)

Understand there is significant dissonance between your interpretation and mine. Many times there is significant contrast in what we emphasize and what we value. So allow me to place emphasis on your circumstances, thoughts, and emotions based on what is unseen, rather than what makes sense to you in the moment, what is accessible and convenient, or what is seen with your rational, natural eye. For what is seen and understood is temporary, but what is unseen, and oftentimes not understood, is eternal. (5)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9, 2 Corinthians 4:18
(2) Isaiah 55:8-9
(3) Ephesians 2:10
(4) Psalm 84:11
(5) 2 Corinthians 4:18

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