Who Can Stand Against You?

Neil Vermillion —  August 25, 2017 —  Comments

In the days in which you feel overwhelmed and defeated, as though the tasks and responsibilities of your life are running over you, take a moment to remember our fellowship together. For in our union together these things will not be removed, but you will know we are experiencing them together (1). You will know just how much I love you, and believe in you, especially in the times you are experiencing great need, great resistance, great pressure, and great uncertainty.

For in this world you will have trouble, but take heart because I have overcome the world (2). Even though you see problems on every side, look to me, for I will redirect your vision from problems onto solutions. I will show you opportunities and possibilities you did not perceive in the past. I will show you answers and solutions that were always present and available, but were unrecognized and undetected. You will see the options I have presented before you, and have already made available to you (3).

And with this adjustment to your perspective you will see the hope I hold for you. Do not look to man, or to man’s ways, but look to me. Look to my spirit, to my ways, and to my timing. Listen to my voice and do not regard the voice of another (4).

Allow me to speak directly, for I will give you truth to replace your deception. I will give you hope to replace your impossibilities. I will give you strength to replace your exhaustion. I will give you strategy and understanding to replace inundation (5).

I will show you the freedom you already possess. I will show you the potential lying at your feet, the joy set before you this very day (6), and the greater hope and strength already afforded you (7). I will show you all these things, and even more, and will do so concisely, consistently, and deliberately.

And with this you will no longer worry or wonder about today or tomorrow, for you will know me (8). You will know The One who holds all the keys to all the doors. You will know The One Who Sits on The Throne, and will put your trust in me. For my plans for you are good. You will realize if I am for you and with you in all these things, who can stand against you? (9)

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