Why Do You Doubt?

Neil Vermillion —  November 11, 2016 —  Comments

Why did you doubt? Why did you forget? Why did you forsaken the path set before in order to pursue your own imaginations? Why have you rejected my process for your life?

You have misunderstood the process. You have made presumptions within your own heart, based not on truth but on your own desires, which have led you to incorrect conclusions. And with these conclusions you have made erroneous presumptions about who you are, how long your journey will take, and the path in which you will travel. You have misunderstood the outcome, and have attached your own meanings to the results I am working within you. You have presumed to see the end, when in reality you have not. You have presumed what you saw in your mind’s eye was good and right, when in reality it is incomplete.

You thought your path would look different, so you strayed from what I had shown you. You thought the timelines would be shorter, and so you began to doubt the process. You believed the path of ease and safety was the right path for you, and so you deviated from your path at the first sign of challenge. You did not recognize where you were because your lens what clouded. You abandoned my voice, because you thought you did not hear from me. You gave up too quickly because you thought it should not take so long.

You forgot what I showed you because you doubted I gave it to you. You forget because you doubt. You waver because you doubt. You give up because you doubt. So answer me, why do you doubt?

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