I Will Address The Core Issues

Neil Vermillion —  September 28, 2017 —  Comments

Even though you experience limits, do not feel as though you have lost your way. Some days you will experience things that hold you back, but other days you will experience liberation and freedom, even from conventional limits and conventional norms. So in spite of the difficulties of the day, do not allow yourself to become discouraged, for I am with you moment by moment, sharing with you and engaging with you (1).

Understand I am inspiring your heart. I am speaking to the core of who you are, the parts that do not always make sense to your mind, the parts that do not always have a logical or reasonable explanation, the parts that are elusive and mysterious. But even though they do not always make sense to your mind, and cannot be measured, nor completely understood, they are still influential in your life, and a very valid channel through which I will speak to you (2).

So do not harden your heart, nor close your ears to my voice, as I speak to your inner-most being. For as I speak to these core components I will address the deep issues, the core issues, that you oftentimes want to deny or ignore. It is in this inner realm you will more fully experience the truth and liberation of what I have given you and what I have already made available to you. So engage with me in these things, for though they are intangible they are very real and powerful, nonetheless (3).

Look past what is seen, for what it seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. Walk with me in these things, for these things are eternal, lasting for longer than mere moments in your own understanding and expression. Engage with me in these things, for you will meet me in ways that will surpass your own understanding as I share with you mystery upon mystery, as you listen and receive all I have for you (4).

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