You Will Be Amazed At What Has Been Hidden

Neil Vermillion —  April 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

You will be amazed to discover the talents and destiny planted within you. Even though you have seen it dimly what you have seen is not worthy of comparison to the fullness of what will be revealed and demonstrated through you in its maturity. You have seen it, but only dimly, and only from a distance, as a mere icon, type, and shadow. But as you continue to remain faithful, you will begin to realize more and more the great magnitude of what has been hidden from your sight. And in this realization and appreciation you will come to be wondrously awed. You will come to a place of awe and wonder that will leave you numb in its grandeur.

For the glory of my plans is so spectacular you cannot comprehend it all. The awesome splendor of what has been hidden within you, the hope of glory, the mystery of the cross, and the union of the uncreated God dwelling within flesh and blood, is far too grand to fully consume and comprehend. So know, you have seen it smally, but I am increasing your capacity to comprehend it. Even though I am increasing your capacity to comprehend and process my plans for you, also know you will not be able to fully recognize and comprehend it all.

You will be amazed as you behold the glorious details of what has been set before you. For I have made myself known to you, among you, in you, and through you, and will continue to do so, for all ages to come. And as you are consumed by the reality of my presence and my spirit, you will forget the smaller, trivial matters that seemed to have occupied your mind, and have now become displaced to the trenches of the forgotten.

As you experience me and know me viscerally, I will speak to you in plains you have not yet known. I will bring your awareness past what you have experienced, and even conceived, and will do so gently, and consistently.

You will be amazed at what has been hidden from you, and hidden within you. You will be amazed and surprised, and more than delighted at the wondrous glory in store for you. For what I have for you is so much greater than any eye has ever seen, greater than any ear has ever heard, and greater than any mind has ever conceived.

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