You Will Assess Your Landscape Very Differently

Neil Vermillion —  September 2, 2016 —  Comments

As you allow yourself to sit with me, and allow me to govern your thoughts and influence your feelings, you will continue to be transformed little by little. You will see, not only yourself differently, but you will also see the landscape of your territory very differently too. I will shine my revelation upon your heart and you will discern through comparison, who you are. And with a clear and accurate understanding of who you are, the person I have created you to be, not necessarily the person you are presently, you will assess the landscape of your present and future territory very differently.

You will see obstacles differently. You will see your timelines differently. You will be touched and moved and motivated very differently as you view these things through the lens of my perspective. For through my eyes you will discern with greater accuracy what needs to be done. You will discern what needs to happen. You will not fret or fear, but will look and see plainly, without influence of your culture, or the influence of your personal bias.

For my truth will cut through these temporal lenses and allow you to see with clarity. My truth will liberate you from these conventional parameters and allow you to see, understand, and plan without artificial or temporal hindrances. So open yourself to my influence and allow yourself the time needed to receive what I have to say. Allow yourself the opportunity to be shaped and molded by the influence of my spirit. For in doing so you will see, not only yourself, but also your environment very differently.

Just as I have revealed who you have been created to be, I will also reveal what you are to do, what you are to accomplish. I will reveal the priorities to your heart so you will also know and understand what is important, what is valuable, what is worthwhile. And with this understanding your perception of your environment will be radically different. It will look completely different as you see your world through the lens of my understanding.

And with my understanding you will also enjoy the process. You will enjoy your challenges. You will enjoy the mysteries and surprises you encounter. You will enjoy the twists and turns that occur so frequently. You will no longer endure the process, but will enjoy it. For the joy of the truth of my perspective will also show you the outcome, the end result of what is set before you. And with this understanding of the glory yet to be revealed you will no longer see your pain, discomfort, or confusion as nearly as important as you used to. But you will see my plans, and will understand my process, and will engage with me in anticipation in your heart, no longer holding to conventional means of measuring success or progress.

You will imbibe of my truth, and imbibe of my joy, and in doing so your heart will be liberated to sing and dance and dream and imagine. For the joy of my truth will set you free – more free than you even realize. And the joy of my truth will equip and empower you. It will sustain you as it propels you forward, offering insights you had not previously perceived or considered.

So do not let your heart be troubled by the light and momentary afflictions of this day. Do not let you heart be troubled of what is before you now, but allow me to set your gaze and perspective on what is truly important. As I guide you I will reveal to you all these things, and even more. For there is still so much in store for you.

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