I Will Awaken Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  May 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you have said yes to me. I know you have inquired deeply from within and have received my words without complication, without scrutiny. I know you have walked with me in dark times, in times of secret when it seemed as though no one was looking. And because of our rich and beautiful history together, you are ready to experience the season of joyful wonderment set before you this day. For I have many new revelations in store for you, even though you thought you have come to know them all.

I will introduce you to new ways of thinking and to entirely new ideas. I will introduce you to attitudes and mindsets that will challenge and inspire you. I will introduce you to brand new ways of thinking and doing things, and this will startle you as it amazes and awakens you. So do not become comfortable, or too well pleased with yourself in this moment, even though you have progressed nicely. For the victories of your recent past will serve you well, but will do so only in the full context of what is still yet to come for you.

The history you’ve gained was set for you to grow and mature you for the experiences of today. The things of today are helping to prepare you for the things of tomorrow. And though you fear your limits, and you fear you will be left, abandoned and exposed, know I am with you, even in your times of confusion, when it seems you have lost your way, and forgotten where you were intending to travel. Even in these times I am with you, and I will be your strength. I will be your guide and your hope, for I am with you, even when you grow tired, even when you forget and lose your way.

So cast your burden on to me, and do not be tempted to carry the sorrows of yesterday. For the joy of today will replace the burdens and sorrows of your mistakes of yesterday. You will be revived, rejuvenated, and replenished. Do not be tempted to retreat back to the comforts of yesterday, even though they are familiar to you. They will not offer you the lasting satisfaction you will want, and will need, for only in me you will find your total and complete rest and satisfaction.

In me you will find all you have been looking for. In me, you will no longer worry, but will experience the security of the peace I offer you. So remember these things as you recall the fears and apprehensions of your youth. For I will awaken perspective that will speak to your heart and allow you to make the right choices independent of your habits and fears of the past.

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