You Will Have A Balanced Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  September 29, 2016 —  Comments

In knowing me your questions will become inconsequential. In knowing me your hope will begin to grow and the structures and devices you’ve trusted in in the past will begin to diminish as you begin to realize how insufficient they really are. So come to me face to face, and know me heart to heart. Relate to me in truth, and allow me to remove the bandages from around your eyes. For I will speak to you directly, and I will speak to your truthfully. I will kiss you with my lips, and my words will do you no harm. So drop your guard and put away your cynical tendencies, for your structures and devices will do nothing to help you, but will merely block, hinder, and contaminate what I have for you.

And you will learn to work hard and listen to me in new ways, as you continue to receive from me in newer and stronger ways. For your ears have only just been opened, though it seems as though you have deep history already. I will guide you and direct you to deeper waters, greater knowledge, and greater wisdom. I will speak and you will hear and understand, and all the things you need will be given you, in due season.

For there is no good thing I will withhold from you. I will continue to reveal myself to you, and you will come to know me in greater ways than you thought possible. And as you do, I will guide you and instruct you in the ways I have set aside only for you. I will shine my light upon your path so you will not stumble. I will highlight what is important, so you do not waste time. I will empower your strength, so you will be capable.

These are concepts and mysteries yet to be revealed to you. There are methods and strategies yet to be revealed to you, as you continue to walk with me. And as I draw you closer to me, you will also be simultaneously be drawn to the knowledge I also have for you. I will show you the great and wonderful things you have not yet seen but I will also show you the excellent and wonderful things you desire too. For it is my desire to reveal all these beautiful and wonderful things to you, just as it is your desire to consume them. And over the course of time you will have a balanced understanding, far greater than you would have thought possible to acquire. So do not hesitate to follow my spirit, for I will lead you to the still waters, the deep waters, and the adventurous waters.

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