I Will Bring You To The Green Pastures

Neil Vermillion —  January 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

You hold on to thoughts and ideas I have not given you. You hold on to concepts you believe to be true, though they have not been established or verified. You hold on to misunderstandings, and presumptions, and will not let them go. But today, allow me to loosen your hold on these limiting mindsets. Allow me to speak truth to your life and circumstances, and do so directly and bluntly. Allow my voice to pierce the cacophony of sounds clutter the thoughts of your heart so you will identify what you need to continue to hold on to, and what you need to let go of.

For I will speak to you plainly, and I will confirm my word and my will for your life. I will open up revelation and understanding to you so you will know, not doubt. It is my intention and desire that you walk, and abide, in knowledge and understanding. It is my intention and desire that you see and know, but to also understand what you see and know. It is my intention to give you total and complete understanding, not to leave you in a cloud of mystery and confusion.

So when you hear me speak to your situation, listen for my still, small voice. When you observe the movement of my hand upon key issues of your heart, do not be impatient or presumptuous, but allow me the full capacity and opportunity to speak to you, to instruct you, to confirm things to you, to enlighten and clarify things to you, to encourage you, and to express my affections, intentions, and desires for you.

As you do, you will find I am altogether lovely in my will for your life. You hold on to lies and misunderstandings that inhibit your capacity to understand and discern, so allow me to remove the plank in your eye, so you will be able to see clearly. You will find I will be ever so kind to you, ever so gentle with you, ever so patient with you. And I will bring you to truth, to understanding, to confirmation, and to courage. I will help you and assist you in more ways than you can imagine.

And not only will you benefit by the knowledge we will share together, but you will enjoy the relationship too. Your heart will thrive in new capacities. Your mind will conceive and execute in new dimensions. Your health will enhance, and your will grow, flourish, and thrive in new and exciting ways. The spark and enthusiasm of your daily life will be restored and renewed, and you will have not only joy for this day, but also peace, happiness, and satisfaction too.

So allow me to whisper in your ear, and do not discount my guidance. I will surely bring you to the green pastures, full of living, still waters.

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