We Will Continue To Grow Closer and Closer Together

Neil Vermillion —  January 10, 2019 —  Comments

Many of you are finding yourself in the middle of increased stress and increased confusion. In the midst of all this, remember this is only temporary. This confusion will not remain forever. The stress you are experiencing will not remain forever either. In this moment there is a shifting of transition for many of you, which is causing growing pains as you stretch past the boundaries from where you have previously been living. (1)

I am calling you out, even pressing you. I am forcing you to expand your territory and to enter into new realms of influence and responsibility. I have many things I want to impart to you. I have many things laid out before you, and now is the time to expand and activate. The time to move out is now, and the time to plan and prepare has ended. Surely I will remain with you as you continue to walk by my side and follow my guidance. I will not lead you to your death, though it may seem this way at times. I will lead you to the places of destiny, the places of greatest fulfillment in me, and in all I have for you. (2)

So know as I continue to press you past your comfort zone, there is a greater purpose. I am pressing you, in order to strengthen you, as your realm of influence and impact continues to expand. There is a greater awakening and a greater expanse happening within you in this day and season. Do not allow the stress, nor the confusion of it all, to derail your trajectory, nor your velocity.

In these times of transition and expanse it will be ever more important to remain vigilant. As you see things begin to unfold before your very eyes do not presume it to be the full maturity of it. But understand this is only a foreshadowing of what is still yet to come. Keep close to me, and remain responsive. Continue to listen to me. Know me by spirit, but also know me by my word. For my word will be light unto your path and will help you. In these present days, there will be significant resistance. There will be obstacles as you walk your path of destiny. So with this in mind, it is ultra-important to remain vigilant and responsive. (3)

Yes, discernment will also be very important. Many new things are being released and activated. There is an acceleration today that was not happening in days of the past. So now, more than ever before, discernment will be crucial. Knowing what is of me, and what is not of me, will be of lasting importance, not only strategically, but also personally as well. Remaining vigilant and responsive will be a requirement for you to be able to thrive as you are able to rightly know and understand your environment. (4)

There will be many opportunities that will look promising. Not all of these opportunities will be from me, or be my will for your life. This is why discerning between my will, and the things that are not of my will for you, will keep you safe. It will keep you on track, and on task, saving time and resources, but also providing protection and safety as well. Discerning my will in this day will be essential because not all things will be intended to serve you, bless you, or help you. There are plans to stop, hinder, and delay you, but as you remain vigilant and responsive you will rightly discern between the plans I have for you, and the plans the enemy has for you. (5)

So be encouraged, my beloved. I am with you in all things. I am by your side, walking with you hand in hand, helping you along the way. I am never far from you. So call out to me, and listen to my still, soft voice and you will hear me. You will see me, when you look for me, just as you will feel me, when you open your heart to receive me. (6)

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