You Will Embody The Truth I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  November 4, 2016 —  Comments

As you receive my instruction you will grow in your understanding and capacity to appreciate, not only where you are, and where you’ve come from, but also where I am taking you and the manner in which I am taking you there. As you receive additional understanding from the little details previously unnoticed, you will consume them all in such an excellent and relevant manner that your enjoyment of your process, and enjoyment of your individual journey, will continue to increase.

For I will make your journey and your process sweet for you. I will make it wonderful and delightful for you, even in the difficult and trying times. I will take all the sour, bitter, unpleasant experiences and reveal and remind you of my grace for you. For there has been so much given you already. There has been so much already made available to you. And in knowing this and experiencing this your mind and understanding will be transformed, never looking at your present self, situation, or circumstances the same.

I will shine the light of my understanding upon you and you will see all things clearly and plainly. You will no longer reside in guilt or confusion. You will no longer be unclear or uncertain what I am saying, what I am doing, or what I am meaning, but will have complete confirmation as we commune together in our union together.

With this confirmation you will be established and secure. You will be stable, able to persevere and endure. You will be able to finish, no longer fainting from weariness from the distance of your journey and process. My heart and my spirit will rejuvenate you. My love will surround you. You will forget your tears, your confusion, your doubt, and your pain. You will no longer look at the past as an indicator of your future, for you will inebriate yourself on the glory of my joy for you, as you see your present and future circumstances from my perspective.

As you see things from my point of view, your problems, although real, will fade in comparison to the great glory of what will be revealed in you, and through you. And you will in no way forget these things, for the impression of the impact upon and within you will leave you changed, never the same again.

And I will revisit this with you again and again, because I know your strength is weak. I know your mind forgets. I know your heart grows weary, and you easily become discouraged. So I will remind you of these great truths, and remind of you the promises already spoken and revealed to your heart. And as I do you will no longer carry the burden of your own salvation, requiring yourself to perform and accomplish what only I can.

And in this you will discover the freedom you have in me already. You will discover the provision and the beauty of what is already yours. And as a result, your heart, mind, and imagination will be free, unencumbered by any mechanism, idea, or obstruction that would hinder or impair you capacity to manifest the fullness of what I have for you. You will surely embody the truth I have given you. You will surely possess all I have given you, even that which you do not perceive or fully understand. You will govern and rule over that which has been put under your feet, in the full cooperation of my spirit, in the due course of time.

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