You Will Be Empowered To Respond In Love

Neil Vermillion —  December 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

As you take time to sit with me today, allow me to remind you of the things you have experienced in your recent past. Remember the lessons you’ve learned as I bring specific memories to your recollection. I will show and reveal the value and importance of all these things. I will show you the significance they hold for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I will make it plain for you to see, and you will not quit, nor be confused.

For I will bring understanding to you and you will see your present path with clarity. I will show you what has happened, and why it happened. I will show you what is yet to transpire, and why it matters. I will show you where you are, so that you are able to process with understanding your present situation, and how to respond. And with this your peace will increase for you will have a greater appreciation than you did yesterday. Your confusion will subside and your heartache will diminish, for in my hope all these things will be no more.

So open your heart to me now, and do not allow your rational mind to block or inhibit what I am saying and showing you. For I will speak to you in subtle, elusive ways. I will reveal clues to you, in addition to direct revelation. I will give you hope, but this hope will not come by conventional means. So remain open to my influence as I speak to you today, and allow me to guide you and encourage you. For I know your present day struggle, and how you desire to do the right thing. I see your plight, your uncertainty, your trepidation, and will answer them all, one by one.

As you sit with me, I will speak and your heart will not worry. I will speak and your tears will be wiped away. I will speak and you will reside in confidence and hope, having no more thoughts of how badly things could turn out for you, for in my hope and perfect love, all fear will be cast out. You will see things more closely to the way I see them, and you will be empowered to respond in love, not fear.

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