You Will Encounter My Overwhelmingly Great Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

Have I not shown you already? Have I not intercepted your heart already? Have I not made myself and my intentions clear to you already? Do you know me not, even still? For I have whispered in your ear, in gentle, subtle ways. Have you not perceived my presence? For I have moved with inspiration in your heart and in your circumstances. Or did you believe these things came about by your own hand? Did you think these things were the result of your own efforts? Did you perceive me not in all these things?

Let me assure you I am not angry with you. Let me assure you I have every good plan in store for you, as you come to love and know me over the course of time, gradually. For you know me not, and so you fear me. You know me not, and so you run away from me, instead of running to me in your times of need. You know me not, so you attempt to forge your own path independent from me, as if such a thing were even possible.

For I am before all things, and in me all things are held together, even your very breath. So with this understanding, know I am not against you. Know I have no intentions to harm or destroy you. Know I love you, and am manifesting the sentiments my heart for you, above and beyond what you could ask or imagine.

As you rest with me now, open the eyes of your heart and allow me to speak. Open your mouth, that I may fill it with the delicacies from my table. Open your heart that I may heal your hurts, and bring closure to the issues of your past. Allow me to work in your life, particularly in the areas you want to hide from. For these are the very areas you need the most help.

Trust in me, and let me bring healing to you. Trust in me, and let me instruct and guide you to a better way of life. Trust in me, and let me speak to you, and reveal myself to you. For in doing so you will find I am altogether more lovely than you previously imagined. As you experience and encounter me you will find I am completely different than you thought. You will find I am more elusive, more mysterious, more complex, and more unexplainable and unmanageable than you ever thought possible.

But in this experience do not fear or fret, for you will come to know me as I truly am, and in doing so you will encounter my overwhelmingly great love for you, the love that knows no bounds, has no limits, has no ends.

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