You Will Engage With My Heart

Neil Vermillion —  October 12, 2016 —  Comments

For you will see it come to pass, as you continue to remain faithful, the fruition of my plans for your life. I have seen your dark days, where it seems you have no light, no hope, no meaning, but I have also seen and provided the answer and the solution. And with this perspective I continue to shepherd you to your final destination. I know it seems difficult and painful along the way, so allow me to lighten your load and reduce your heart ache. I know progress seems slow, and often pointless, so allow my joy to encourage you along the way, offering not only joy and hope, but perspective that will sustain you as well.

For it is my heart’s desire to share all these things with you and even more. For I know you want to isolate yourself from me. I know you want to accomplish and conquer on your own, without my help. I know you want to make your own path, and be your own leader. But instead of following your own folly, allow me to be your source. For as you do, you will experience me in ways beyond your comprehension.

Allow me to be your strength, your wisdom, your hope, your strategy. Allow me to be your shepherd and do not carry these heavy things any longer. For I will lead you and guide you to the green pastures. I will cause your head to rest, and your heart to remain free. I will bring you to the place of great abundance, and will protect you along the way so you will remain safe.

And your heart will be free, and your mind will no longer worry or fret. Your soul will be light, and the troubles of the day will no longer weigh you down. So take up what I offer and carry the light load I have for you. Enjoy the small portion given you, for I have made it available to you. And in this way we will share together, and I will continue to guide you and speak to you. I will highlight the path so you will see and understand, and you will not wander aimlessly, or in confusion.

And though you desire quick answers, I will bring you through them all, and do so with great gentleness and patience. You will encounter my heart as you continue to venture forward in all I have for you. And as you continue to listen to my spirit, you will experience my heart and my nature in new, surprising, and elusive ways. You will engage with my heart and your hope will be renewed again and again, having no more thought or fret for tomorrow, but resting in the surety and stability knowing I am leading you all the way, and doing so with great precision and detail.

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