I Am More Than You Will Ever Need

Neil Vermillion —  April 12, 2017 — Leave a comment

I will be your calm in the midst of your storms. I will be your center when you find your life and emotions are imbalanced. I will be your foundation when you feel you have no place to stand. I will be your strength when you have no strength or energy left. I will meet you where you are for I am already there. I will speak to the issues of your heart for I know them intimately already. I will reveal solutions to your pain and problems for I am well acquainted with their origins. So walk with me, my child, and know I am more than you will ever need.

I have made myself available to you, and have done so without hindrance or limit. I have opened my heart of hearts to you, so trust what I have already shared with you. I have revealed my plan and my will, so know I am working on your behalf. I am with you, and I am aware, and though you do not always perceive me, nevertheless I am there.

So trust me, and when I speak you will hear. Trust me, and when I move you will discern. Trust me, and when I deny your request you will understand why. You will engage with me rather than probe at me. You will begin to relate to me, rather than petition to me. You will commune with me, rather than continuing to protect your cherished wounds. In our relationship together you will come to know me, but you will also come to be free in every way.

For you perceive limits around you and within you now this present day. But let me tell you also, there are limits you have not yet perceived. There are things so close you do not even detect them as separate from yourself, for you see them as a part of you. So when I say “you will be made free in every way”, know I am also including freedom from that which you do not even know or perceive too.

Trust in me and you will not be disappointed. Trust in me and you will see it come to pass, the fulfillment of your greatest heart’s desires. Trust in me and know I will guide you to truth, to liberation, to intimate friendship and fellowship with me. For in me, and with me, all your desires will be fulfilled, but apart from me you will not find them.

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