I Will Fill In The Gaps

Neil Vermillion —  March 9, 2017 —  Comments

As you continue to receive from me, I will continue to show you truly marvelous things. I will show you the future, and I will give you understanding to your past. I will show you where you are this very moment, and I will give you perspective as to where you are going. I will explain the answers to the questions you hold in your heart and will shine my light of understanding upon the process you are confused by. I will not hide myself from you, but will continue to reveal my very heart to you again and again, day after day.

I will speak to you plainly, and guide you into more truth. I will compel you to move and take action, and guide you into all revelation. I will provoke and awaken your heart and mind and will inspire you to move beyond conventional norms in your quest for understanding. And in all these things I will make not only my revelation available to you, but my very nature and personality too.

For though you desire to know my ways I will also reveal my heart. And in discovering my heart you will be empowered and encouraged in ways you would not otherwise value nor perceive. I will give you what you need, for I know what you have need of even before you ask. I will prepare you, for I know where you are headed even before you perceive your destination yourself. So trust in my ways, but also trust in my heart, for I am revealing not merely knowledge, but also my sentiment and essence consistently and deliberately.

I will fill in the gaps that are missing in your life, for the things you desire and need but cannot possess. I will open up understanding to you, so you not only see, but also understand too. For my ways will surprise you and delight you. My ways will enamor your heart and capture your imagination. You will taste my goodness, and lose your appetite for inferior things. I will show you my goodness, and you will never forget it, but will seek me in all your ways, day and night. For my good pleasure will inspire and compel you, and will lead you to all good things. So allow me to guide you and fill the missing pieces in your life, for I will give you not only sustenance, but also above and beyond what you could ask or imagine.

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