You Will Finish With Great Splendor And Glory

Neil Vermillion —  April 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

I am showing you previews of coming attractions as you continue to sit with me. I am showing you in your mind’s eye what is yet to come for you. I am showing you what you have seen before, for I made it known to you in your youth, though you did not understand it at that moment. But today I am reviving the original vision given you. I am renewing your zeal and enthusiasm for the original spark that started you yesterday. I am rekindling the spirit that once was so fresh within you, before you grew tired and weary.

Today I am not giving you new vision, but reminding you of vision already given you. I am reminding you of what I have already said. I am reminding you of the person I have already declared you to be. I am reminding you of the words already spoken over you, about you, to you, for you. I am reminding you of these things, documenting them in your consciousness now, for as you continue to grow and progress you will reference these things time and time again.

For you have absorbed what I have given you, and you have retained it. Though it is not always in the forefront of your attention and focus, you have retained it. And because you have retained it, it will surely bear fruit over the due course of time. And as you sit with me I will remind you of what you already know. I will remind you of the promises already given you, the plans already given you, the goals and dreams already given you, and the greater fellowship and hope already given you. I will remind of these things, for they are more than sufficient to sustain you. What I have given you is more than sufficient, so do not search, nor manufacture, something else.

As you walk with me I will continue to speak to you in the moment. Though you have been given all you need already, I know you grow tired, and get confused. I know you are prone to doubt, and prone to inventing shortcuts along the way. I know you are prone to impatience, and prone to laziness. But in spite of all these things I will remain with you, and will continue to shepherd you. So let me assure you, you will finish and will do so with a great splendor of glory.

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