You Will Forget The Vices Of Yesterday

Neil Vermillion —  August 7, 2017 —  Comments

I have set you in motion, and have put you in the direction of the call upon your life. And though I have done so deliberately, and specifically, still you have not understood it fully. But do not be alarmed, nor dismayed by it all, for I am continuing to reveal, not only my great love for you, but my plans for you as well. For I know you see, but do not understand. I know you hear, and cannot distinguish what I am saying. I know you perceive me, but do not always understand me. I have spoken to you, yet you do not remember what I have said.

So do not let your heart be troubled. Take up my yoke and my easy burden in all things, for I will make it plan for you to see, and I will help you along the way. I will be your strength. I will be your wisdom. I will be your talent and your provision. I will be your resource, and your capacity for endurance. I will be all you are lacking, and even more. I will supply you with what you lack, and will allow you to overcome, not only your obstacles, but your personal inadequacies too.

I will bridge the gap for your incompetence. I will bridge the gap for your fear and weakness. I will bridge the gap for your incoherence and ignorance, for the reality is that I have bridged every gap on your behalf already. I know you are troubled, and I know you are in great need. I will make up for what’s been lost and stolen, and will redeem the days of your faithfulness, in which it seems as though you wasted your time because you followed my voice.

As you walk with me I will show myself strong and reliable. I will demonstrate my great love for you, but also my capacity, strength, and reliability. And as you continue to experience me in this way, you will come to rely on me more and more, again and again, without fail. You will taste my goodness and will begin to forget the vices of yesterday for they will pale in comparison to all I have to offer.

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