I Will Give You Insightful Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  August 9, 2017 —  Comments

In days when you experience the fogginess of life do not revert back to your former way of thinking. Do not revert back to your former ways of living and behaving when you feel uncertain, but remember my words, and remember what I have promised you – both in the short term, today, as well as the long term, tomorrow.

As I speak to you, and guide you, do not resist my words, my timing, or my methods, but embrace the reality you experience, even in this very moment. Embrace and absorb what is set before you, for even though you do not always enjoy, or understand all that is happening to you, it is important and valuable to you nonetheless. Learn to look past what you can see with your eyes, especially in the here and now, and begin to look to what is unseen, for what is unseen is not only important, but is also eternal.

And it is with this lens of understanding and interpretation you will be able to change the way you interact with all that is happening to you, allowing you to be fully present as you embrace and absorb all I have for you this very day. As you hear my words, you will begin to understand them – and not only understand as a mere intellectual concept, but also in its practical application too. For I have given you eyes so you may see, ears so you may hear, a mind so you can understand, but also a heart so you will know, and process, and implement.

So do not let yourself be led astray to what appeals to you in this moment, for your life is much longer, much more valuable than a single moment. Instead allow me to guide you into all truth and continue to speak to you in permanent and eternal ways. For the words I speak to you are spirit, and they are life, and you will surely be blessed as you not only receive them, but digest, and follow them too.

So do not let your eyes wonder to the right, nor to the left, but remain steadfast and vigilant. Remain focused on what I have placed before you, keeping yourself about your father’s business. For in this day of great diversion, I will provide you not only with inspiration, but with valuable and insightful perspective allowing you to remain steadfast, focused, and alert.

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