I Will Give Your Weary Heart Rest

Neil Vermillion —  February 23, 2017 —  Comments

I will show you how to rest. I will train you in my ways, and you will come to know me, and know my ways. And as you do, you will be able to rest in me, and rest in my timing, for you will know my heart and you will know what I have in store for you. For I will do so much on your behalf, just as I have already. I will make myself known to you, and you will seek me in all your ways. And though you do not always understand everything this very moment, over the course of time as we journey together, you will come to know and understand all things.

As you come to know these things you will rest in me. You will rest in my presence for you will experience my faithfulness and righteousness. You will know my unfailing character and nature, and will no longer relate to me the way you did in your youth, full of doubt, suspicion and apprehension. For you will have grown, and you will have learned, and you will have come to know all I have shown you.

So let go of the incorrect and silly, little notions even though they are so familiar and embrace the truth and reality of what I have for you this very day. For though it is true, it is not always palatable to you initially.

So let down your guard, and let go of your anxiety, fears, and worries. Let go of stress and strife, and adopt my spirit of rest and peace. For in me, you have no need to worry or fear. In me you have no anxiety. In me you have no stress and have no strife. You will enjoy all the blessings and bounty I have to offer. So come to me and rest in me, for in this state of rest and peace you will thrive.

You will grow and you will prosper, and your heart will not only survive, but will mature and increase. You will hear me easily and will understand all I show you. And your confusion will dwindle as you know me and experience me, for the apprehensions and thoughts of failure will all surely fade away, as you sit in the center of my comfort and peace.

For my rest is greater than your strife. My rest is greater than your own ability to create unnecessary drama and conflict, within yourself and amongst others. My rest is so much greater than you know, so much greater than you recognize. Allow me to shower you with the affections of peace, and allow yourself to recline with me in the union of our fellowship together. We will look into the eyes of each other and we will be as one. In recognizing our union, peace will abound and transcend your circumstances and worries.

So come to me and allow me to give your weary heart rest, for I see your need, and I hear your cries. Allow me to give you all you need, and fill you to your satisfaction.

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