I Will Guide You, Direct You, and Instruct You Every Step Of The Way

Neil Vermillion —  July 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have given you insights and understanding. So take them now, and follow them. Take what I have given you and implement the changes needed. Take the appropriate action according to the revelation I have given you. Do not become weary in your well doing, but know there is much to be learned and acquired along the way.

I have spoken to you clearly, and I have pointed you in the right direction, but there is still a vast distance for you to travel. But do not let this discourage you, for even though the distance may seem great, know I am with you and will guide you along the way. I will always remain with you, and will not only guide you, but will instruct you too. I will continue to speak to you, so as to ensure you will learn what you need to learn, and not be stuck in a state of perpetual mistakes, never breaking free because you are not able to learn the lessons you need to learn.

I have spoken to you, and have confirmed my will for your life. You have heard my voice, and have received my vision. I have given it to you clearly, and you have made sense of it all, and have resolved within your heart to follow it.

Remember you are walking with me in all things, for there is nothing in all creation that will separate you from my great love. Remember there will be experiences that you will encounter that bring about confusion and pressure, but these are to be expected. Remember I will never leave you, even though you may not like or enjoy the outcome of every single event in your life.

Do not let the voice of accusation hinder you. Do not let accusation weaken your enthusiasm. Do not let the surprises of the day cloud your vision, or introduce doubt into your wheelhouse. But remember my essence, and remember my nature. Remember our past and clothe yourself in the words I have spoken to you already. Warm yourself by the fire of my passion and promise. Look past the pressures of this day, and see the green pastures laid before you on the other side.

For you are not experiencing small things. You are not walking through difficulty for nothing. You are not experiencing these obstacles for no reason. Do not regard them as indicators of any kind of error. Know I am with you, in spite of the difficulty, and know all these things are also part of the experience of the landscape and journey. You have made no error simply because it may be difficult. You did not hear me incorrectly, simply because it has taken longer than you though it would. You are not moving in the wrong direction, simply because those around about you do not approve or understand, the direction in which you are moving.

But in all your ways, continue to acknowledge me and follow me, and I will continue to guide your path, and direct you , and instruct you every step along the way.

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