I Will Heal The Hurts You Have Acquired Along The Way

Neil Vermillion —  February 2, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you open your heart, and remain open, I will continue to not only engage with you where you are, but also heal you too. For I see this world, along with its tragedies. I see the hurts and pains you experience. I see the problems, mistakes, and misunderstandings that create trauma, brokenness, and damage. I see all these things and acknowledge they are real. So with this in mind do not carry these things by yourself, but cast them onto my shoulders. For not only will I carry the burdens of the day on your behalf, but will also offer my healing, restitution, and wholeness too.

I will heal the hurts you have acquired along the way. I will bring closure and resolution to the many fragments in your life, the things that are disorganized, disheveled, and smashed. I will bring understanding so you can learn, but also wholeness so you will be healed, removing the pain so you do not hurt any more. Remain open to my spirit. While it is very real I will grant you revelation, but I will also commune with you not only in the times you need me most, but also with the issues that hurt you the most. And in this dynamic of fellowship together you will come to know me as Comforter.

My comfort will transcend your hurts. My comfort will allow you to not only endure, but to grow and thrive in spite of your hurts. My comfort will empower you to be able to live in wholeness again, and forget the painful feelings of yesterday, while still remembering the lessons learned. I will offer you my healing to you, time and time again, and you will by no means be disappointed.

I will sit with you in the midst of your hurt, confusion, and heartache and will be your best friend, The One Who Loves You. I will be all you need and will heal your hurts, removing the sting of the pain of the past. I will redeem your emotions, taking away the heart of stone, giving you a heart of flesh.

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