You Will Know Me As I Truly Am

Neil Vermillion —  September 15, 2016 —  Comments

As you hold on to what I’ve already said to you, continue to also remember the initial inspiration of your original spark. For the memory of the thing has remained, but the emotion and desire behind it has faded. So allow me to breathe upon the fire of your heart again and revive your original spark. For the first love within you will sustain you, and there is no need for another, or for a substitute, or imitation. The first love I have given will keep you warm, will provide the heat and the light, and will offer the protection that is essential.

For I see the desire and desperation within your heart, even this day. I see the great need of your circumstances, and how you are desperate for answers to be accessible. In some cases you are hungry, but in other cases you are angry. But in both cases I know your heart and I see your need, so do not think I have neglected you or forgotten you. I hear the clamor of your heart, and I see the fog before your eyes, clouding your vision, obstructing your view, inhibiting your ability to judge and discern.

But in spite of all these things I will display my great love for you, and the great power of my hand. I will make myself known to you, as I demonstrate with zeal and joy the vast richness and majesty of what I have set before you, even this very day.

For I know you are tired, and I know you seek answers. I know you are thirsty and can sustain for only so long. I know you are weary, having only a limited capacity to endure. And surely as a good shepherd I will lead you to the cool, calm waters you so desperately need. Surely I will tend to all your needs, the things I already know you have need of. Surely I see all these things, and know you have need of them. So do not allow your heart to be troubled, but trust in me, trust in my hands, trust in my plans. Do not fret or fear for I am with you in all things, even though you do not always notice or perceive me.

I will continue to unveil my great love for you as I continue to shine the light of my presence upon your heart. I will illuminate the issues that matter most and you will come to know me face to face without hindrance, obstruction, or misunderstanding. For you have constructed ideas of me, but have not encountered me. So I will draw you close. You have come to know things about me, but have not fully known me. So I will pull you close to me. And in doing so, your feeble and inadequate misconceptions of who I am will be exposed and removed, and you will see me and know me as I truly am.

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