You Will Learn From Me Continually

Neil Vermillion —  February 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you desire to hear from me in greater detail. I know you want to see my hand at work in your life daily. I know you have questions, and desire to receive your answers. I know you are easily discouraged, and wonder into doubt when things don’t turn out the way you thought they would. I know all these things about you, and see the littlest movement of your heart. I see details so small, so brief, you do not even perceive them yourself.

Rest assured it is my desire to reveal all these things to you, and even more. It is my desire to speak to you plainly, and directly, and do to so frequently, perpetually in fact. It is my desire to commune with you in every minute of every day, and to share all things with you. And as we continue to abide together rest assured you will also learn of me continually. You will learn my ways, you will learn my voice, you will learn my guidance. You will learn all I have for you, and you will not doubt, or wonder, or fear any more.

For in our union together all of this is available to you. I have seen the needs in your life, even this very day. I have noticed them all, and have answered what you need for this hour. But let me assure you that I hear you. Let me assure you that I hear you clearly, and nothing is separating you from me in any way. For I am speaking to you constantly and addressing the very things that matter most to you, for I see them all, and I know them all.

But as I speak to you know that I will speak in ways that do not always make sense to you. I will give you hints and riddles along the way. I will guide you indirectly at times, pointing you to move in the direction you would likely not choose for yourself. For my ways are not your ways, because my thoughts are not your thoughts. But you have been given access to my very heart, my very thoughts, so do not consider yourself disconnected from me in any way, but enjoy the wondrous glory of our fellowship, as we sojourn together.

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