I Will Make All Things New

Neil Vermillion —  May 3, 2016 —  Comments

Cast your cares upon me and do not be tempted to carry them yourself. For though you may know this in your mind your tendency is to still continue to strive and accomplish in your own strength, carrying your own burdens for yourself. In doing so you will wear yourself down, for you were not designed to carry such things on your own. So give your heaviness and your burdens to me and allow me to make your load light.

For you understand this in your mind, but in your heart you do not always follow it. The issues of your heart cloud your judgment and you are compelled to make your own path, and do so in your own strength, your own wisdom, and your own righteousness. But none of these are sufficient, so allow yourself to enter into my rest, the rest I have made available to you, the rest I have already provided you.

In my rest you will find the joy you desire, the peace you need, and the protection essential for you to survive and thrive. In my rest you will connect with your inspiration and will receive the joy and hope you need to be able to sustain. In my rest you will be renewed and all things will be put in their proper place. The urgent things will become less urgent and the sorrows and stress of the day will all be diminished and decreased. For in my presence you will experience my rest and my joy, and your heart will be renewed and you will remember all I’ve given you and spoken to you.

Though it is against your natural mindset, come to me in your times of weariness. For I will delight you. I will surprise you. I will encourage and restore you, and your hurts and disappointments will begin to fade away in light of the greater glory and hope set before you this very hour. For as you set your eyes to see your hope you will no longer be consumed with your problems. As you set your eyes upon your peace, the misery and mishaps of the day will become dim. As you set your eyes upon your joy, the loss you have experienced will lose its sting, and you will be made new again, able to hope, able to dream, able to continue, able to smile sincerely from within your own heart.

For I will make all things new, and will do so time and time again throughout the duration of your life. I will bring you the peace you desire and will embrace you with my courage. And you will hope again and dream again as you forget your fears and begin to discount the obstacles in your life, no longer considering them to be insurmountable or impossible.

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