I Will Multiply Your Happiness Forever More

Neil Vermillion —  January 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you see things a certain way. I know you hear things according to your own understanding. I know you process information and revelation through you own capacity and your own process. But let me assure you, as you continue to sit with me, and allow me to gradually, but distinctly, change you, your process will begin to also change. I will shape your thinking. I will refine the lens through which you see. I will correct the misunderstandings in your heart, and as a result you will not jump to erroneous conclusions.

I will bring clarity to your situation, and I will calm the storms raging in your heart from issues of the past. Do not consider today is only for now, because today is also setting the stage for tomorrow. Understand we walk together today, in order to arrive where we need to be tomorrow. And I will lead you by my hand, and make the pathway simple. I will shine my light upon your feet and you will clearly see each step.

And in this simplicity you will grow and thrive. You will abide with me, and your talents and desires will flourish. The appetites of yesterday will be exchanged for the appetites of today, and tomorrow will bring you even closer. As all the issues of your heart are refined through our relationship together your fears will subside, for as I bring calm to your storms the issues of your heart will be made clear to you, and you will see and understand. And the instability and insecurity of yesterday will dissolve in the light of my presence, for no shadows will remain.

My grace will sustain you in new and surprising ways, and the doubt and sorrow you currently experience will also begin to fade away. For in our fellowship together there is no space for these things, so allow me to cover you with the warmth of my embrace and shower you with all I have for you. I will make all things new, and the hope of your youth will be restored, better, stronger, more vibrant, more committed than before. So do not hesitate to come away with me. Do not hesitate to receive my affections and taste the delicacies of my table, for I will bring you so much further than you think. I will be so much kinder than you think. I will be so much more gracious and forgiving than you think, and your delight and satisfaction will also be greater than you think.

I will supply your needs, feed your hunger, quench your thirst, satisfy your desires, and validate your identity and worth. I will establish you in an unshakable, unforgettable, immovable manner, and you will never be the same. So let me lavish my goodness upon you again and again, for I will not disappoint you, but will multiply your delight, satisfaction, and happiness, now and forever more.

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