I Will Never Turn You Away

Neil Vermillion —  November 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Come to me when you are in your trouble. Come to me when you are hurting and desperate. Come to me when you are ashamed and embarrassed. Come to me when you need me most, and you will experience my loving kindness towards you. You will experience my unconditional love and support for you. I will not turn you away. I will not reject you. I will not shame you, nor condemn you, but will welcome you with arms wide open. I will embrace you and shower you with my loving affections for you, and your heart will be secure, knowing I love you and will never turn you away.

For you are my Dearly Beloved, the one I adore. I will not turn you away, nor will I reject you, but will extend my hands towards you in loving kindness. For I am not against you. I am not your enemy, but I am on your side, bringing you closer and closer to my heart, and the place you desire to reside. And as you learn to trust me, you will follow me more completely, without reservation or hesitation. As you continue to walk with me, you will obey me more completely, and do so more quickly.

Over the course of time you will see the adjustment, the gradual turning of the tide, in your life, and you will be so delighted and amazed. And though it has been many years in the making, you will be surprised. For though it has taken so long to mature and grow, it will be so much better than you have ever imagined. So do not doubt. Do not waver. Do not hesitate. But follow me in spite of what you see before your eyes, for my plans for you are great. And as you walk with me, you will also taste of my goodness. You will also rest in my shadow. You will also receive my healing.

My gentleness will surprise you. My attention to detail will surprise you. My excellence and my extravagance will surprise and delight you. So come to me now, and remain with me, knowing and trusting all things will be worked out and overcome, even though you do not understand it all. In spite of your doubt, and even your disobedience and rebellion, I will work these things out for your good. And all the poison you have consumed over the years will be extracted and you will no longer consume the toxin of your past.

You will begin to see my goodness, and will no longer return to the vomit of yesterday, but instead will embrace the purity and bliss I have for you. You will see, and know, and understand, and you will walk in the center of my protection as I surround you with my love for you day after day.

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