I Will Not Disappoint You

Neil Vermillion —  April 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

There is still so much within you yet to be fully revealed. There have been things revealed to you, but even these things have only been revealed in part. Even what you do know is incomplete. So believe me when I say what is within you is yet to be fully revealed. For you look at your life and circumstances and presume you see fully and presume you see accurately. But let me assure you, you do not. You do not see everything involved, and you do not see everything accurately and clearly.

So with this in mind, do not continue to lean on your own understanding, but acknowledge the guidance and leadership of my spirit and allow me to speak to you. For I will guide you into all greatness, through the green pastures, and cause you to lie down beside the still waters. I will restore your soul, I will inspire hope and courage. I will redeem and restore all that’s been taken from you, and will continue to reveal what is yet to come as I prepare you day by day.

For I see all things, and I know all things. So do not continue to make presumptions based on your limited perception, but trust in me, for I will not disappoint you, nor fail you. You will find I am quite reliable. I am quite noble and trustworthy. I am quite generous and protective. I am all these things, and even more. So do not continue to jockey for the right to govern yourself on your own, but walk with me, cooperate with me, and surrender the desires of your heart over to me.

For you will find I will satisfy you even more profoundly and generously than you would for yourself. You will find all the desires of your heart will be more than fulfilled in every way, in every area of your life. So why fight and resist me? Why delay and question when I call out to you? Why deviate from what I have already said to you, already made known to you, for I will not disappoint you in any way.

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