I Will Not Limit You

Neil Vermillion —  October 19, 2016 —  Comments

My joy will surpass your imagination. I know you experience hardships. I know you experience suffering. I know things in this world do not turn out perfectly for you. But let me assure you, I will delight you and in no way will you be left lacking. In no way will you be left unsatisfied. In no way will you be left disappointed. For I will take all the brokenness, and all the broken things, and all the broken hopes, and all the broken promises, and mend them, making them better than new.

For my plans for restoration will surpass the plans you originally conceived for yourself. My capacity to restore is greater than your capacity to create. So give me your hurts. Give me your heartaches and disappointments. Give me your delays and your shattered memories. Give me everything in your life that has been broken and allow me to restore it all. For I am The Master Restorer. I am better than excellent at mending the fragments of your life and in your world, especially the painful, hurtful fragments that truly need attention.

For I am more than aware of where you are. I am more than aware of your present state. And as you come to me, and receive of me, and listen to me, I will show you what is yet to come. And you will come to know and experience me in ways that will cause your heart to marvel in wonder and awe as you behold the majesty and generous extravagance of my plans to redeem and restore all things in your life – even the little details you have long since forgotten and given up on.

As you begin, and continue, to experience my restoration in your life you will also be overwhelmed by my joy and goodness. For my goodness is not small, and my joy is not weak. You will drink from my fountain, and never thirst again, nor will you desire any substitute. For you will taste and know my goodness, and will return to my side again and again, and will not waver, nor wander away. You will find your place near me, and will experience the delights your heart desires and will be satisfied and content in every way.

My joy will be the foundation upon which we will abide. And you will know me personally and intimately as I continue to give you all the good things you want and need. My joy will surpass your capacity to retain it, and you will become intoxicated as you attempt to consume it again and again. For I will in no way limit your capacity or aptitude, but will turn you lose, removing your shackles and hindrances, so you may run freely, advance rapidly, and dream limitlessly.

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