You Will Not Waver

Neil Vermillion —  September 7, 2016 —  Comments

In your times of hurting and heartache allow my spirit to inspire you. Allow my spirit to speak to you and remind you of what I’ve already revealed to you, what I’ve already said, what I’ve already made known. For I have revealed myself to you in no small way. I am drawn myself close to you and continually made myself available to you. So when you are tired and confused, when you are hurting and aching, allow me to comfort you. For I will meet you right where you are, and will be the refuge you need in your times of trouble.

For I see where you are and I know the thoughts you think. I see the motives of your heart and I see your desire to cooperate. I see your desire to do the right thing, even though you become distracted along the way. I see how you think, and the thoughts you dwell upon. I see your hurts, and I see your fears. I see your intentions to obey, and your desire to respond in love and faith. I see all these things and I love you still. I see the innermost secrets of who you are, and I love you still.

So allow me to help you say yes. Allow me to whisper in your ear. Allow me to kiss your cheeks and rekindle your initial inspiration. Allow me to fill your mouth with my laughter. Allow me to hold you in my embrace and wash away the dirt and grime you’ve collected from the day. For I will hold you close, and I will encourage you so tenderly, so personally, so wonderfully and thoroughly. And I will take you by the hand and we will walk together in joy and peace we have together. For in my presence we will enjoy all I have in store for you, and nothing will be taken from you.

So allow me to inspire you, for I will help you say yes to the call upon your life. I will help you say yes to the unction of my spirit. I will help you say yes, especially when you are weak, tired, and spent. And as you say yes, we will continue to abide together in the fellowship of our union. I will be your husband, and you will be my bride, and that which is too heavy, too confusing, too cumbersome for you, I will carry for you. I will make your load light. I will make your path straight. I will remove the hindrances and allow you to walk with bare feet upon solid, steady ground. And the obstacles and hurts will fade away as my love saturates your heart and engulfs your vision.

And you will be left in a drunken stupor, intoxicated on my great love for you. You will be left forgetting all the hurts and problems, remembering only my loving approval and acceptance of who you are. I will whisper in your ear, and you will hear and understand. You will know I love you, and will never doubt, never hesitate, never be afraid. For my great love will drive out your memories of yesterday, revived in the truth of who I am today. And in this truth you will not waver, but will be resolute, able to hold strong, able to stay the course.

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