I Will Overcome Your Opposition

Neil Vermillion —  March 1, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you quiet not only your mind, but also your emotions, you will hear my voice in new ways, but also with new meaning. For your emotions often diminish, not the volume of my voice, but the meaning of the message I am conveying to you. Your emotions often function as a wall, as a gatekeeper preventing access from the things you dislike, and granting access to the things you do. Because of this, your ears have become fickle, not allowing yourself to hear me clearly, but rather hearing only what you agree with and blocking what you disagree with. (1)

While this may be comforting to you in the short term, it is detrimental to your growth in the long term, for it prevents you from learning. There is much I desire to say to you and to share with you, but you run away from it, sticking your head in the sand and plugging your ears with your fingers. Because of this practice you delay yourself unnecessarily. You slow your progress in ways that are not needed in order to accommodate your selfish preferences.

Instead, allow me to speak to you directly and bluntly. Even though you will not always enjoy the content initially, it will bless you, preserve you, instruct you, and empower you as you receive and implement the truth I present to you. I do not speak to you harshly, though oftentimes it feels this way in the moment. I do not speak with the purpose and intent to irritate, frustrate, confuse, or offend you even though many times this is the response of your heart at its first reception.

I speak the truth to you because I love you, and because I desire the very best for you. Even though you kick and scream against me, even though you run away from the very thing that will help you, bless you, strengthen you, and liberate you from the hindrances of your day, I will continue to pursue you and overwhelm you with my patience, and great love for you in all things. Even though you are blind to what you need, I will continue to shine the light of my illumination and understanding upon your heart and upon your path. Even though you are deaf to the music I play, and the words I say, I will remain faithful again and again, presenting to you what you need.

Though you knowingly, and unknowingly, resist me at times, I will continue to love you. I will continue to shepherd you in your disgust, dismay, and reluctance for I am greater than you capacity to resist me. My great love for you is so much greater than your ability to run away. I will overcome you and overwhelm you as I continue to persist in my pursuit of winning and wooing your heart.

I will overcome your opposition and will not relent. I will not stop, and will not deviate, but will continue to guide you and love you, day after day, year after year, and decade after decade.

(1) 2 Timothy 4:3

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