I Will Protect You As I Nurture You

Neil Vermillion —  November 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

In your confusion of today I am revealing issues of your heart, things you would not have considered had you not encountered these circumstances. The experiences of today are pressing you and shaping you, molding you into the person you will be tomorrow, so do not resist, but instead cooperate and embrace them, for they will produce their intended results over the due course of time.

I am highlighting key issues in your heart and mind. And in this day I am also highlighting correction to misunderstandings and solutions to your problems, so do not fear this process. Do not hide, do not shrink back though it will be challenging and uncomfortable at times. Though you will experience discomfort, it will be only temporary. And the changes you experience will outlast your discomfort and you will have grown, not only in knowledge and skill, but in strength and capacity too.

For I am maturing you, just as your heart has cried out for me to do. I am addressing the hurts and bringing healing to you. I am opening your eyes to the truth that has always been set before you, even though you did not recognize it. I am working with you, guiding you, perfecting you, helping you along the way. So though you feel challenged at times, and overwhelmed at times, do not look at today the same as yesterday, for I am revisiting key issues with you today, in order to liberate you from limiting mindsets and beliefs formed yesterday.

Continue to walk with me and continue to allow me to set the timelines for your growth. For I know you are impatient. I know you desire to have everything already. I know it seems as though it has been so slow in growing, taking so long to develop. But trust me in this. Trust me in the timing. Though you trust me in the direction I am leading you, so also you must learn to trust my timing.

For I will not delay you unnecessarily, but I will reward you and bring you to the pasture of satisfaction without delay, without hindrance, and will do so in the most excellent, most righteous manner. And I will watch over the things of your heart. The things that weigh you down, the things that monopolize your time and energy. For I know these things are important to you, and I will not neglect them.

So trust in me, knowing I am capable of completing the good work I have already started. Trust in me knowing I will not neglect you, or overlook important aspects that are near to your heart. Trust in me knowing I will work with you, and will protect you as I grow and nurture you, and bring you to full satisfaction and maturity in all things.

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