I Will Protect You From Self-Sabotage

Neil Vermillion —  March 10, 2017 —  Comments

Not only will I fill in the gaps in your life, but I will also prevent you from filling in gaps yourself. For you see what you perceive to be a vacancy, and in your impatience and desire for wholeness you begin to fill it. You fill it not with me, my ways, or my ideas, but with what makes sense to you in this moment. In doing so you undermine the very reason for this gap in the first place. In your ignorance and impatience you block me and prevent me from fulfilling you wholly and completely.

But even though you are premature in filling in these gaps, I will prevent this in your life. For I see and know what you are doing, and I know and understand your motivation for it. I know why you do the things you do, so I will fence you in, protecting you from your own self-sabotage. I will make your path straight and will shine my light upon you and your circumstances, giving you the clarity you need. I will press you and inspire you, but I will also save you from the consequences of your own blunders and mistakes – even the blunders you make in your own ignorance.

Trust in me, but also trust in my timing. For you see the equation incomplete and desire to superimpose your own solutions to the variables within it. Instead, allow my timing to have its full effect. Allow my process to mature and the fruit to fully ripen before you eat it. In doing so you will learn and you will grow, but you will also enjoy the fullness of what is in store for you, the full manifestation of the process already initiated in your life, for your own benefit.

Trust in me, for I will prevent you from sabotaging your own blessings. I will redeem your mistakes, and will restore what has been taken from you. Trust in me, knowing I will prevent you from filling in the uncomfortable gaps in your life. For even though these gaps are inconvenient and uncomfortable in this present moment, they are wonderful and they are a blessing, and I will fill in every last one of them at the appointed time.

So rest in me, and trust in me. Trust in my heart, trust in my ways, and trust in my timing. For all these things will be fulfilled, and you will enjoy the journey and the process, not merely the results and the destination.

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