You Will Remain Secure

Neil Vermillion —  November 25, 2016 —  Comments

You want to hear from me. You want to feel me. You want to experience me face to face, and heart to heart. I know this because I see it within you. I smell the aroma of your heart’s desire, and know it all too well. I know all these things, for I have fashioned you and known you since before you were knit together. There is nothing about you I do not already know. There is nothing about you I will ever discover, for it is all known to me already.

So come to me boldly. Make your petitions known to me. Inquire of me, ask of me, petition before me, and you will see me move, you will hear my voice, and you will experience my heart for you. As you make yourself available to me, I will by means turn you away. I will by no means cast you aside, or reject you. But I will continue to reveal to you my open heart, filled with unquenchable love for you.

And you will be reminded once again of who I am, and my great love for you. And you will no longer hesitate with bringing your cares and concerns to me. You will be so very bold and so very confident as you come to the realization of just how much I really do love you, and the great lengths I will go to bring speedy remedy to you.

As you experience me again and again, in greater measure and in greater detail, day after day, you will also grow to become more resolute, less fuzzy, less confused. The noise in your life will begin to diminish and fade away as you learn the sound of my voice, the resonance of my spirit, and the aroma of my heart. And as you acquaint yourself with me day after day, over the course of time you will hear my voice, and hear no other. You will see my shadow, and ignore all others. You will feel my heart, and not perceive any other, nor allow another to touch yours.

And in this way you will be hemmed in. You will be fenced in, secured by a physical presence that will mark your boundaries. And with this you will remain secure, as I continue to guide you, instruct you, and love you day after day.

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