I Will Reveal And Affirm My Great Plans

Neil Vermillion —  July 28, 2016 —  Comments

As you sit with me, hear from me, share with me and commune with me, continue to also remain open and flexible in receiving what I am revealing and giving to you. For my plans and my ways will surprise you. My outcomes will surprise you. My methods will surprise you, and my timing will most definitely surprise you. You see the world through a specific lens, with a specific prescription, tainted with your own personal bias and culture of the day. So when you see what I show you it will be easy for you to reject and misunderstand it as you become anxious, even irritated, because it will not look possible, nor palatable in any way possible.

And in this day I am directing your heart and your mind to consider what I’ve already said to you. I’m directing your attention to unveil the identity I’ve placed within you already, though you do not understand it fully yourself, nor appreciate the full context of what kind of heart is truly needed to respond to the great and terrible needs of today. I will steer and guide you to the paths of the righteous understanding you cry for, the understanding others seek and desire. And with this understanding you will embrace the newness of all that’s set before you, even the mundane and insignificant. For I will show you the significance and meaning of this day, its place in the sequence, and its value and importance as one of the rungs in the ladder.

In this way I will disclose the details of the identity given you for this hour. For you were born for this day. You were planted in this time. You were put into motion at the precise point in time and history to be active and involved in the events and conversations of this present day. So allow me to continue to peel away the misunderstandings you’ve adopted over the years. Allow me to shine the light of comprehension as I move within the issues of your own heart, confronting lies and misunderstandings, fears and apprehensions.

As you gaze into the mirror you will begin to see a new face. You will recognize its appearance, but it will not be familiar to you. You will not know it, but as I reacquaint you with yourself, and with me, you will begin to recognize the person I’ve created you to be. And with this understanding you will put yourself into action differently than in the past. As you possess this understanding you will also possess the knowledge and perspective to respond and participate not only according to who you are, but also according to the direction and destination of the plans already prepared for you.

I will reveal and affirm your identity to you. I will show you who you really are, reminding you what you already know. I will reveal and affirm my great plans, and you will no longer sit in a puddle of apprehension, uncertain about your father’s business.

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