I Will Satisfy Your Cry

Neil Vermillion —  August 11, 2017 —  Comments

You will find me when you look for me with all your heart. But let me say to you I am always with you, even when you are not aware of me. Let me also say to you, you will find me even when you are not looking for me at all. For I am always with you, and I am always pursuing you, revealing myself to you, demonstrating my great and immeasurable love for you.

So do not carry the burden of performance or accomplishment in which you must create your own path in your own strength in order to find me. For I am already working towards you. I am drawing you closer to me, with all the details that matter, and doing so with great and consistent attention to detail. Do not strive in your own anxiety, but rest in the knowledge and assurance, not in who you are, or your own efforts or capacity, but in who I am. For as you come to know me, and experience me, your heart will remain secure and will no longer waver between multiple opinions, paths, or options.

As you taste my goodness, understand my motives, and experience my overwhelming love for you, your heart will become intoxicated and overwhelmed in all I have for you. And in this experiential knowledge you will forget the perception of the reality of your youth in exchange for the reality I offer you, the reality beyond what your eyes can see, and beyond what your mind can understand. For what I have for you is so much greater, and as you experience this time and time again you will begin to abide more and more fully, more and more consistently in the freedom, joy, and expression I’ve already given and made available to you.

And as you experience this you will gravitate towards it more and more, and will deviate from it less and less. For your heart will cry out for me, and this cry I will satisfy. Your very nature and make up will desire me in all my ways, in all my expressions, and this I will also satisfy within you.

So do not continue to lean on your own understanding, but allow me to guide, shape, and engineer the experiences and revelation I have in store for you. Rest in the truth of my great love for you, and do not become weary in your labor. Do not stress, fret, or fear, but abide with me in my shadow, as I shower you with my loving affections, and guide, protect, and develop you day after day for all eternity.

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