I Will Secure Your Heart To Mine

Neil Vermillion —  December 21, 2016 — Leave a comment

In the busyness of this day do not allow yourself to be caught up in the moment, giving no thought or contemplation to the hour in which you live. As you are surrounded by one urgent distraction after another, do not allow yourself to be caught in the current of popular trends to the point that you lose sight of who you are as I see you. As you see your life flashing before your eyes, and observe the futility and brevity of it all, do not allow yourself to be swayed by conventional wisdom in appreciating what is really and truly important, not just for today, but for tomorrow too.

For I have your future in mind today. I know where you are headed, and I know how you will get there. I know why you make the choices you do, and I know how to satisfy you beyond measure. I see where you will finish, and know the pace at which you will advance. And with all of these things in mind, I know where you are moving, because I have your future in mind. As I speak to you today I see you finished. As I relate to you in this present moment, I see you finished, completed, and matured. I see all these things, and know them well.

For I am more than well acquainted with every single detail in your life. I am more than aware of all things in your life, and I love you still. I will flood your mind with my thoughts, and you will no longer doubt. I will flood your heart with my overwhelmingly great love for you, and you will drown your fears and insecurities, leaving no remnant whatsoever. I will speak to you in unimaginable, inexpressible ways, and your heart will become alive, vibrant, and full of passion.

For I have revealed myself to you already, and will continue to do so. You will come to know me, and will drink the wine of my joy time and time again. And as you do, you will remember your hurts, sorrows, and disappointments no more. I will guide your every step, and you will forget your stress and anxiety. I will secure your heart to mine, and you will never worry again. For I have shown myself strong on your behalf, and will continue to do so time and time again, as we venture in our journey together for all of eternity.

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