You Will See And Accomplish

Neil Vermillion —  April 20, 2016 —  Comments

Allow me to commend you for your faithfulness. Allow me to commend you for your hard work, for your sacrifice, for your obedience and willingness to go where I have guided you. For you have heard my voice from a distance and you have responded. I have written my plans in the sky and you have seen them and taken notice. You have sought me in my word and I have met you there. I have shown you my heart by my spirit and you did not turn me away.

So allow me to commend you, for you have done well. Allow me to acknowledge you, your progress, your sacrifice, your investment. For I have seen all these things. I have seen what has been done in secret. I have seen the motives of your heart. I have seen the intentions of your plans, even the plans that did not succeed, and I have been well pleased with you.

For I have knocked on the door of your heart and you have opened it to me fully. I have called you from afar and you heard my voice and responded to my call. You heard the music of my songs I have played and you danced with me without question, without hesitation, without floundering.

And though you see yourself as weak and broken, understand this is not how I see you. For I see you redeemed. I see you finished. I see you without spot or wrinkle. So allow me to shine my favor upon you. Allow me to inspire you with my perspective of your real, eternal identity. Allow me to open those doors of understanding, for in doing so it will set you free to love not only your neighbors, but those who oppose you too.

In your weakness I am strong. In your failures I show my victory. In your limits I show my limitlessness. So do not hide or shrink back from these things, but embrace them. Acknowledge who you are and embrace the moment set before you and do not consider your own strength or resources. I am moving on your behalf, for I have called you and chosen you, and you will see and accomplish all I have assigned to you.

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