You Will See The Increase Come To Pass

Neil Vermillion —  May 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

I am saying to you today how pleased with you I am. I am affirming my good pleasure with you in every way, for there is nothing against you causing me to find any fault in you. I am more than happy with you, more than well-pleased with all you have within you, and before you. I am more than delighted in knowing you and walking with you in all things.

For you have said yes to me in every way, and you have made space within your heart and schedule to accommodate me in both subtle, as well as, obvious and significant ways. So know I see this and know I am more than well pleased with you, especially in your heart’s response. I see the new goals you have believed in as you have responded to the revelation of my spirit. I have seen the way you occupied no more space, but created an open environment for me to dwell and cohabitate, to create and innovate, and to occupy and share together, and I saw that you did so at no small expense to you.

For you received from me, and because you knew it was from me, you adjusted your plans. You enlarged the scope and spectrum of how far your plans would go, what you would be willing to do and invest, and how long you would be willing to remain committed to it. I have seen all these decisions birthed and processed within your own heart and mind. I have seen the process and I could smell all that was brewing in the interim.

Know I have seen the origins, and I have detected the motives in which all these desires and plans were spawned. But also know I am so happy about them. I am more than delighted in your heart’s response, as I have moved to reveal all these good plans to you, just as I am revealing even more to you this very day.

So know, just as you have been faithful in the little things, the things so small no one noticed – no one but you, and me – I am surely promoting you and advancing you so that you will also enjoy the fruits of your hidden, and unnoticed labor.

And let me tell you exactly how pleased with you I am, for you feel as though I am distant many times. You feel as though I am remote and uninterested in your life, and in the choices and outcomes of your life, so let me say to you directly, I am fully aware, and I am fully involved, and I am fully invested in you, as well as your outcome. Let me assure you with distinct and deliberate emphasis, just how much detail I have presented to you, and within you.

Do not doubt, when plans seem to be delayed. Do no be surprised as you see one idea after another seem to fail, and seem to yield no fruit whatsoever. But continue to remain faithful in farming the land I have put beneath your care. For as you remain faithful, you will surely see the increase come to pass. Surely you will see the once barren land, grow, and produce, and yield its fruit in due season, for I have established this within you, and before you, in order to bless you, to grow you, and to prosper you.

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