I Will Shelter You From The Storms

Neil Vermillion —  April 22, 2016 —  Comments

I see your heart’s desires. I see your heart’s motives. I see your plans. I see your dreams. I see what inspires you. I see what drives you. And in all these things I am not only aware, but I am also involved. For you think I am distant, uninvolved, unaware, but nothing could be further from the truth. For even the littlest details of your life do not escape me. Even the hairs on your head are known by me, not only the number, but the length, texture, density, and condition as well. For there is nothing that escapes my sight.

And when your heart is heavy understand you can share this heaviness with me. I will lighten your burden and remove the weight you carry. When you are tired and weary, come to me and I will give you the rest you need. For I will take those things and carry their weight and your burdens will be removed, and your strength will be renewed. These are the times you need me most, so do not be apprehensive in acknowledging our union together and sharing these difficult things with me.

For I will not turn you away. I will not be harsh with you. I will not be cruel, but will be kind, and gentle, and gracious towards in you in every way. You will feel the warmth of my embrace and enjoy the goodness and kindness I will offer you without end. I will speak to you and encourage you. I will give you fresh perspective that will renew you, renew your spark, renew your first love, and renew your original hope.

And through it all you will know me more, and will grow in your knowledge and experience of who I am, as we grow closer to each other day after day. You will find your delight in me, and will rest your head upon my chest. For I will shelter you from the storms you encounter. I will share myself with you openly, and we will dine together and enjoy the company of our fellowship together.

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